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Sales team

Sales Team

Marketing &
Creative team

Marketing & Creative Team

Operations team

Operations Team
Project Team

Project team

Every Team

Every team

Sales team

Give your sales team the info and tools they need to seal the deal. Store and share product and pricing info, create custom quotes and proposal docs, and close deals faster with eSignatures.

Sell like a champion

Sell more in less time, help your hunters to close more deals by allowing them to add and share sales content like call notes, scripts, decks, and proposals to move deals faster.

Close deals with signatures

Create contracts, quotes, or a statement of work, pitch and sell, and request digital signatures. Do it all from one place with Papermind; the easiest way to close deals.

Standardize your sales process. Unify your team.

Unify your sales process, share up-to-date content with your team, ensure every sales rep is selling from the same playbook, create custom sales doc templates, sync Office and Google Docs and tag content for discovery.

Sale Team
Sale Team

Marketing & creative teams

Bring ideas to life. Share docs - such as briefs, quotes, or contracts with anyone and get sign-off faster and easier than ever before. Store and share campaign plans and assets in one place for your team.

Create documents in minutes. Get them signed fast!

Create branded documents and contracts in minutes, share with colleagues and get things signed fast! It's simple and secure. No cumbersome workflow processes - just hit send and it's done! Papermind is the marketing team's best friend.

Organize, store, and share your marketing assets with ease.

Organize your workflow and access campaign files in one central place. Store and Sync all of your digital assets, including images, Google or Office files, mockups, and more. Connect and share content with your teams and achieve your shared goals.

Document templates for marketing teams

Share your marketing expertise and knowledge with your team. Use our ever-growing collection of doc templates or create your own — so your teams can use standard docs without reinventing the wheel every time.

Operations team

Make sure your team knows what they need to do every day — and can collaborate at scale. Papermind gives teams a simple place to create standard operating docs and templates, store files, and share their expertise.

Fast-track your operations

Get your ops team to work together with speed and precision. Create quality documents such as service request templates, candidate contracts, and request signatures from inside and outside the business.

Consolidate your content

Your content is likely spread across email, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive and many other external repositories. Bring everything together in one place.

Employee Onboarding

Papermind is here to help you out! From the moment your new hire joins Slack, Papermind allows you to share a welcome message and your own custom employee handbook for them to easily follow along.

Operations Team
Project Team

Project Team

With Slack and Papermind together on a project, you can easily share your work, store and access files or documents and never miss what’s happening.

Papermind - where your project files live

With Papermind, you can store all of your project files, designs, and media in one place and share them with your team. Or share files from Papermind to your conversations happening in Slack.

Shared project knowledge

Papermind lets you create a library of shared project documents, SOPs, and templates. Turn valuable knowledge into reusable templates to help teammates get up to speed quickly and focus on the task at hand.

Sign-offs. Effortless.

When your project needs sign-offs, Papermind makes that fast and effortless. Just enter email addresses, send your digital document to be signed, and as soon as they agree, it will show up in your inbox.

Every team

Papermind is easy to use and affordable, a document collaboration solution for your modern workplace. You can create documents and templates, collaborate, store files, and come to an agreement faster. Papermind is for every team of all shapes and sizes.

Solve your paperwork issues

Papermind helps teams put together contracts and any type of digital document that needs multiple signatures. It's easy to use, affordable and saves your business money.

Shared team project knowledge

Papermind is the best way to share knowledge with teams. Create a workspace and write SOPs, guides, sales scripts, FAQs, or process docs. Once created, make them available as templates so other team members can use them and share them with Slack.

The team file-sharing app that works with Slack

Papermind is file-sharing for modern teams. With Papermind you can store, organize and search all of your files from one place. And since it's integrated with Slack, you can easily search and share files directly to conversations in Slack.

Operations Team

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