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Your go-to app for eSignatures. Papermind eSignature App is fast, simple and secure. Download the app for free.

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Papermind for Slack -  eSignatures
Papermind for Slack -  eSignatures
Papermind for Slack -  eSignatures
Papermind for Slack -  eSignatures
Papermind for Slack -  eSignatures

Easy to use, 1-click collection of signatures. Save time.

One Tool. Everything you need to create, send and sign documents.

 Store and retrieve your signed agreements in one convenient place.

Papermind gives you secure and reliable legally binding signatures.

Signing Documents Made Super Easy

Papermind eSignature App makes it easy to create and sign documents.
All you do is chose a template,
add your signers' details and Papermind handles the rest!
When it's Time to Sign Do it With Papermind!

To get started it’s just 4 steps
Step 1

Download PaperMind App

For Mac, Windows, or Linux. Papermind is for everyone.

Sign up with your email address, or connect your Slack workspace and start sharing and signing contracts or documents right away.

Papermind for Slack
Papermind for Slack
Step 2

Create a new document

It's Easy!

Just click 'Write document' and start typing or pasting in your text. 

Your document is saved and ready to send for signing.

Step 3

Send your document

Let's get this document signed, shall we?

Simply enter the email addresses of people that need to sign or @mention team members in Slack. 

Add your message. 

Papermind takes care of the rest.

Papermind for Slack
Papermind for Slack
Step 4

Let's get it signed

Signing is super easy for your signees.

To read the contract they simply click on the link in their email or Slack message.

Enter their information, sign to accept it, and then click the approve button.

That's it!

"Worked like a charm and it's fabulous” 

- New Dialogue 
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eSignatures simply done

Take the pain out of paperwork and save yourself time

One app - does the job of four apps

Spend less time with a single tool. Documents can be created, sent, signed, and stored all in one place.

Workflow. Made Simple.

Automatically sends a digital copy of the signed document to each signee. Improves compliance and streamlines your workflow.

Signature Tracking

Track who’s signed and who is yet to sign. Signatures are automatically added, and you’re instantly notified of the status.

Time Saving Templates

A library of the most common agreement templates. Everything from Design Briefs to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Versions - Go back in time

You can revert to an older version of your document at any time. Never lose a piece of work. Recover from a mistake.

All your agreements in the cloud

A simple and effective way for you to manage all your legal agreements in one place. Save time, money, and stress.

Find your agreements

Organize documents without effort. Papermind lets you tag documents and search for related documents with a click.

Signatures - Slack

Share your agreements and request signatures in Slack. Streamline your workflow. See the Papermind difference!

Signed and delivered

Once signed, Papermind notifies you via email; you can also check the document status to see who's yet to sign and accept.

Papermind is for everyone

Build a Paperless Onboarding process for your teams. Create, share and sign employee documents in one place.
Operations teams can write up a contract, get a service request signed off and other contracts signed inside and outside the business
Streamline Sales processes and send quotes or proposals to close deals faster for your team.
Sign NDA's, Non-compete agreements, and employee contracts Securely

Getting signatures shouldn't slow you down

With Papermind, you can create documents, collect legally binding signatures and have them signed before the pizza arrives. You're just one click away from a signed document! 
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