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Do you need to sign and share documents with third parties? Papermind makes it easy for you. Try the document signature app for free today!

A common work task for all of us is creating documents and sending them to someone else for signing. This can range from the typical Non-Disclosure Agreement to a Letter of Offer for new team members, and Service Agreements when we sign up a new customer. Most of us are probably using DocuSign or HelloSign or a myriad of digital signing services available. But what if you could create documents, send them for signing and manage them from an app right on your desktop?

As a business owner, operator or team member, why go through the hassle of sharing an existing signing service login with your whole team? Surely there’s a better way for creating documents, sending them to third parties and getting things signed quickly. 

Document creation and signing with Papermind solves the problem of getting all parties to sign your own documents from a simple to use desktop app for Windows and Mac.

With Papermind you can create, share, sign and track any type of document you create using Papermind.

Simplify your document signing process

Looking for a modern way of creating any type of document, sharing it with multiple third parties for signing, and then storing the completed and signed document securely?

Papermind makes it easy for anyone to sign documents with single or multiple parties. Simply create a new Papermind document and then using the simple document signing process, enter the email addresses of the parties who you want to sign your document.

Instead of uploading a traditional Word or PDF document to a signing service, Papermind enables you to create native web-based documents from scratch.

Let’s review how easy it is to create a Papermind document. If you’re wanting to send a document for signing by another party, simply;

1. Create the new document within Papermind using the document creation tools.

2. Share your newly generated document with those who need to sign it.

You can use Slack or email to request signatures from other parties. This means you can invite people to sign your documents even if they don’t have Papermind or Slack! Your signing parties aren’t required to log into Papermind or download anything.

Papermind makes document creation simple. Once you’ve signed into Papermind, you can simply point and click to create any type of document. You can also choose from an existing template to create your new document from.

Getting started with a new document is simple. Simply choose ‘Write document’ and start creating your new Papermind document. Enter your new document information directly or cut and paste from another word processor. You can then style, add tables and embed media to complete your document.

Once your new document is published, click on the Signature icon and decide who you want to send your new document to for signing.

You can request the signing of your document from users within your Slack workspace, or anyone via email. It’s that simple!

Try Papermind For Free

Using document signing in Papermind you can now quickly get all types of documents signed by single or multiple parties and store the signed documents directly and securely within Papermind. If you need to send agreements, NDA’s, contracts, proposals for signing by one or many people, Papermind is a simple and secure way for creating and managing all of your document signing tasks.

You can start a free 7 day trial of Papermind. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and close more deals!

Get Started

Document Signing 

There are no surprises when you choose to share a Papermind document for signing with one or multiple parties. No complicated user interfaces or hidden fees. You can also be assured that the documents you are sending for signing are binding, secure and tracked by email (with email receipts sent to all parties).

Email Notifications

All signing recipients receive an email that there’s a document ready for their review and signing. Or, if you request signatures via Slack, recipients will receive a Slack notification. 

Document Previewing

All signing recipients simply click on the link and review the document in their browser. Easy. 

Signing in your web browser

All signing recipients can review and sign your document right in their web browser. Once all parties have signed the document, all parties will receive a copy of the completed document within seconds via email.

Papermind provides a straightforward document signing process for your teammates, customers, partners or anyone that needs to sign any type of document; agreements, letters, proposal, contracts and more. Papermind allows you to collaborate more effectively with those closest to your business.

Never worry about locating that signed document again

Documents in Papermind are stored for easy browsing, search and discovery. Open Papermind on your desktop and you can view all documents created by you or your Slack workspace team. You can also categorize your documents for easy management. 

Papermind also manages multiple versions of the documents you create in Papermind! You can click on alternative versions to preview how your documents have changed over time.

If you need to keep your Papermind documents private, you can create private documents. These are only viewable and accessible by you.

For other types of files; Office documents, PDF documents and media, you can drag and drop them into Files within Papermind.

Papermind is more than just Digital Signatures

Whether you’re a solopreneur or part of a creative and innovative project team, Papermind is a great way to keep all of your documents and files organized and easily accessible for you or your whole team.

Papermind is an ideal desktop app for team collaboration and knowledge management. You and your team are more likely to use the templates and procedures if they are easy to find and reference. Within Papermind, you can easily create and use categories to create separate workspaces for your teams most commonly used templates and documents, like standard operating procedures, sales scripts, FAQ’s, process documentation and much more. Papermind can quickly become your trusted source of operational truth.

Papermind is the ideal tool for managing your sales and marketing assets too. Organizing all of your product, pricing, specifications, datasheets and case studies in one unified environment enables you and your team to share with your operational team and sales reps to succeed in today’s competitive environment. And since Papermind integrates with Slack, you can effortlessly search and share files directly within your Slack conversations.