Free Signable Templates for Small Business

We all know that writing a contract or agreement is a tedious process. It's hard to know where to start and what to include, especially if you've never written one before.

But Papermind makes it easy!

Papermind is the easiest way to create, edit, and send electronic documents for signing by 3rd parties. Papermind allows you to use professionally designed templates or customize them and quickly e-sign them. You can take advantage of a variety of free legal templates to help you kickstart your contracts and other small business documents.

You can use a pre-made template such as contracts, agreements, quotes, briefs or write your own custom agreements and send it to clients, colleagues, suppliers, or anyone else who needs to review and sign it. All that is required of you is to fill in the blanks with information related to the contract. 

Templates are designed to get you up and running quickly. For example, when you download and open the Papermind App and select "Templates," you'll notice that the Client Engagement Letter, which is an agreement, already includes sections for key information such as the parties involved and the terms of the agreement. This helps you fill out each section of the template with relevant information, ensuring accuracy from start to finish! Edit it to fit your needs and add your own terms of trade or other terms, then send it to your client to sign with Papermind!

Create professional-looking documents with papermind

We set out to make document creation and signing as simple as possible at PaperMind. We thought it was ridiculous that people were still using Google Docs and Word to create simple documents in the age of software for everything. When you have a lot of formatting needs, these tools are fantastic. PaperMind is quick! It includes a user interface that makes creating documents simple and enjoyable! We are constantly adding new templates, so please keep checking back as we expand.

PaperMind's simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly create, edit, and work on documents without having to learn complex software. You can include images, video links, and just about anything else.

  • Create a document in Papermind minutes. Papermind comes with editing tools so you can easily format your document. 
  • Papermind includes version control, so if something goes wrong at any point, you can easily roll back to a previous version and pick up where you left off instead of starting from scratch!
  • If your teams are using Slack Workspace, you connect your workspace to Papermind. Your teams can share your documents with others and contribute, modify, and publish documents to the Papermind workspace. Alternatively, if you want to share a document with your colleague for approval and signature, you can do so directly through Slack.
  • And finally, with a click of the sign button, you can easily send your documents to be signed. Papermind's platform includes everything you need to securely collect electronic signatures from multiple individuals.

Easily customize the terms of templates to fit your needs

We understand how busy you are. We also understand that you want to be paid on time, every time, which is why we believe you'll enjoy our templates.

It is simple to change the terms of your template.

Assume you're writing a contract for a freelance gig and want payment to be part of the project terms. Simply create a milestone section, list the milestones, and include them in your payment terms.

For example: 

  • Research and Recommendations report 25%
  • Flow design Prototypes 25%
  • Testing and Feedback 25%
  • Product Creation 25%

Papermind templates are designed to give you complete freedom in creating the ideal contract for signing they are:

  • Fully customizable, so you can change them to fit your needs.
  • You can easily add or remove sections, add links, images, and add your company's logo.
  • Designed with a clean, professional look that makes it easy for you to get started and focus on your content.

Send them for signing with Papermind

Signing your contract has never been easier!

With Papermind, you can quickly have clients, partners, or anyone else sign your contract or agreement. It's as simple as creating a document, entering the email addresses of the recipients, and clicking to collect signatures. If the people who need to sign the documents have a mobile device, they can sign your document on the spot.

Try Papermind Small Business Templates.

Send, Sign, Done. Legally binding agreements and contracts made easy.

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Free templates from Papermind

Freelance Contract template 

The contract details the working conditions between a Freelancer and a client. It should be signed by both parties before beginning work so that everyone is clear on their responsibilities and to avoid legal disputes.

When working with you, your clients will appreciate the transparency that a freelance contract provides. Finally, if something goes wrong, your customers can easily refer to the contract to see what they were promised and what they were not promised.

NDA template

NDA’s (Non Disclosure Agreements) are contracts between two parties that require each party to keep the contents of the agreement confidential. They are commonly used in business transactions where one party is disclosing information to another party in order to protect the information from being shared or used.

NDA’s are extremely prevalent in areas such as software development and pharmaceuticals since these companies frequently deal with sensitive data that must be kept private. If you have something comparable going on in your small business, whether it's a new product prototype or just some secret sauce that makes your business run smoothly, you should consider implementing a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Purchase Order template

A purchase order should be used when purchasing something that is not a regular part of your business's operations, such as equipment or other items. Because a purchase order must be signed by an authorized employee of the company, it is common for businesses to have several people sign the document.

A purchase order should include information about the services or goods being purchased as well as the price. It should also specify who will pay for these goods or services and when they will be paid. Finally, all parties involved in the transaction should sign their names. This will help ensure that all parties understand what was agreed upon when the contract was signed.

SaaS Subscription Agreement template

You have a fantastic product and want to sell it to the general public. You know your customers will love it, but how do you persuade them?

The simplest method is to create a SaaS subscription agreement for your company. A SaaS subscription agreement is a contract between a customer and a software provider. It specifies what services are provided, how much they cost, when payments are due, and any other conditions required for proper use of the software.

The SaaS subscription agreement can be used to form a contract between two parties: 1) the customer and 2) your company as the provider. Customers may want to sign an agreement with your company before purchasing anything from you in some cases.

Creative Brief UI/UX template

Are you a UX UI designer who wants to create a product that will be useful and engaging for the end-user? Then get Papermind today! 

With our template, collect and fill in data on target audiences, messaging, customer behavior, and budget for your project. This will give you an idea of what kind of product needs to be designed and how much time it should take. It also lists other details like the goals of the client, so that everyone working on a project has a clear understanding of its purpose in addition to their own role in creating it. In some instances, you may want your client to sign off on the creative brief and with papermind, you do just that.

Contractor Agreement template

The Contractor Agreement template is a document that can be used to create a contract between you and the contractor you hire. This contract will outline the terms and conditions of your relationship, including:

  • Scope of work
  • Payment terms
  • Termination of contract
  • Confidentiality
  • Insurance (optional)
  • Taxes (optional)

Once you’re satisfied send it for your contractor to review, add comments or sign.

Client Engagement Letter template

When you're starting out, it can be tempting to put off the process of onboarding new clients. After all, you don't have a lot of time or money to spare.

But before you've even sent an invoice, your new client engagement letter will be your first transaction when onboarding new clients. It should be used before any sales take place.

The new client engagement letter defines the business contract between you and your client. It includes things like responsibilities, period of engagement, confidentiality, pricing or fee structure, and terms of trade.

In fact, this one document can help you:

  • Set expectations: You know what you're going to do for your client and they know what they can expect from you.
  • Reduce scope creep: You have an opportunity to clarify what the scope of work will be before the project begins. That way, if something comes up that wasn't previously agreed upon, you can discuss it before it gets too late in the game!
  • Reduce risk: You have a written record of your agreement that outlines exactly what is expected of each party and what compensation will be provided in exchange.

You can use our Papermind client engagement template and add in your details, including your logo, in seconds! Just download Papermind, use the template and start collecting signatures from your clients today!

Letter Of Offer template

You've found the perfect candidate for your job opening and want to let them know. That's where an offer letter comes in!

A letter of offer is a formal letter sent to an employee in which a specific job is offered. You must ensure that the information contained within it is correct and accurate because it is an official document. The candidate must, of course, sign the document. In your letters of offer, you should include the following items:

  • Employment Terms and Conditions
  • Salary and benefits
  • Beginning Date (and End Date if Applicable)
  • Notification Period
  • Role and Duties

And, of course, both parties must sign, which is simple with Papermind the little green app.

30-day Remote Onboarding Plan template

As a remote business with a distributed team, you need to make sure that your new employees feel welcome and set up for success in their new roles. That's why we've created a 30-Day Remote Onboarding Plan template (guide) that your teams and new hires can use together to ensure everyone knows what's ahead.

We think this template is a great starting point to use for your onboarding guide for every team. Days 1-30 should be focused on orientation, info gathering, learning, creating social connections and goal setting, and small wins.

The plan is designed to be used together by the team, manager, and new hires. Review the plan together during the first week. Use it as a starting point to customize according to your business needs. Use the template free in Papermind.

Sales Call Notes template

Sales call notes are a great way to track your sales calls. You can use them to track your sales process, pipeline, and cycle.

They’re easy to use—just go into Papermind templates and select the Sales Call Notes. Click-use this template. Rename it and start adding information about each of your calls: company details, their buying process, prospect discovery notes, what they discussed and follow up checklist.

Product Launch Plan template

It's launch time!

You've got a great product, and now it's time to get it into the hands of your customers. But how do you make sure that everyone involved has all the information they need to do their jobs? That's where a product launch plan comes in!

A product launch plan is an essential guide for the marketing of your product. It includes all of the steps you need to take in order to ensure a successful launch and help you meet your goals. The most important thing is to make sure that everyone involved in marketing has access to it, so they know what their roles are and what needs to be done at each stage.

There are many different ways you can create a product launch plan. This template helps guide you with the information you need to make your product launch strategy a big hit! Create a transparent checklist for your team so you can hit the ground running when you launch.

Meeting Notes template

Are you tired of forgetting important decisions or action items from your team standups? Papermind is here to help!

We've made it easy for you to take meeting notes that are short and sweet, but still capture all the right information. Use this 'tiny but mighty' template to take notes for team standups, planning, changes, or check-ins. Jot down decisions, next steps or action items. Share your notes with your team straight in slack using papermind.

Product Opportunity Assessment template

Paperminds Product Opportunity Assessment template is designed for you to document early seeds of product opportunities you have uncovered and to share with your team or company. The purpose of this template is so you can document early thinking around any pain points customers are having, and include early research or insights you've collected along the way to back up where you see a gap. Next, pin down what kinds of value this brings to your customer. Use Bain's B2B or B2C value pyramid.

This template isn’t a scope document. But rather it’s designed to focus on the problem space and early discovery of product opportunities.

Use this papermind template as a starting point for thinking through how to uncover opportunities in your business. 

As you work through the different sections of this template, be sure to:

  • Use real data from customer interviews or surveys as much as possible (this will help you create an authentic and compelling story). If you don't have enough data yet, use non-personalized anecdotes (e.g., "a client told us that…").
  • Use simple language that anyone on your team can understand (don't get overly technical or use jargon).

New team member announcement

When you're ready to send out a new team member announcement (or any other company-wide announcement), the template above will give you a good starting point. It’s ideal for teams that have connected their Slack Workspace to Papermind.

Here's what it includes:

  • Who should receive the announcement (e.g., everyone in engineering and sales)
  • What should be included in the body (e.g., an introduction, links to social media profiles)
  • What shouldn't be included (e.g., job titles or information about their compensation package)
  • The first thing that should appear in your subject line (e.g., "We are excited to announce our newest addition")

We have several more templates in the works, to start using these templates today just Download Papermind and start your free trial.