Looking for a DocuSign Alternative?

Papermind is a good option to consider if you’re looking for a DocuSign alternative.

DocuSign would have to be the most popular e-signature service available today. So why would you need to consider an alternative? You can create documents natively in DocuSign to send for signing. That’s ok, but wouldn’t it be useful if you could simply create a new document and send the document for signing, all from the one interface?

Papermind is a more affordable e-signature solution (starting at $5 for a single user), and enables you to create native documents and manage them within the user friendly app interface. Papermind is a desktop app for Windows and Mac and provides you with a range of templates to help you get started.

So how does Papermind work?

Papermind is a cloud-based e-signature app that allows you to create documents, send them to users via email and Slack for digital signing and store all of these transactions within a single unified environment. Additionally, you can collaborate with other users on Papermind documents all from within the secure desktop app.

Papermind is a modern desktop app for Windows and Mac enabling you to create and manage documents

Once installed you can quickly start creating, sharing and collaborating on native Papermind documents with other team members. Share documents with your team members via the native integration with Slack. You can also send documents for signing via Slack and email.

Using Papermind, you can create and send documents for signing in minutes

Here's how it works:

1. Create your new document in Papermind.

When you're ready to request signatures from clients, suppliers or anyone else;

2. Click the Sign Icon,

3. Enter basic information about each signer (their name, email address, etc.). 

4. Add your message and click Send!

Papermind will take care of every step in the signing process

All invited recipients simply click on the link within the email, enter their name and then sign directly within their web browser. Papermind will then inform everyone in the process when each signing member has completed their signing process. Once everyone has signed, all recipients receive a completed PDF with embedded signatures.

Quickly create and edit your own documents

Papermind is a good alternative to DocuSign for small businesses and freelancers that lets you do much more than simply sign documents. Native document creation in Papermind is a great wiki alternative. Easily create proposals, agreements (that you can send from Papermind for signing), letters of agreement, quotes and more.

The Papermind editor provides everything you might need to create that contract, agreement, or quote for your business. Even an employee handbook, which you can then share directly with your team in Slack.

Simply cut and paste from your Google Workspace document or Office 365 document, or simply choose to create your own document from scratch. And we’ve got you covered with options for inserting tables, graphics, logos, headers and a whole lot more.

With a simple and elegant drag and drop interface, you can create, edit and work on documents quickly. Present your ideas more effectively with your team members in Slack and get more done from a single, intuitive authoring environment. Add tags to your Papermind documents across your workspace so that your team mates can locate and find collections of related documents easily.

Some of the most popular templates for collecting signatures and getting business done

Save time and effort and select an existing template to automate your work.

Papermind users choose these templates to collect signatures and get things completed successfully within their small business. Here's a list of the most popular examples of what users rely on:

1. Generate a quote for your client - Think about all the times you’ve had to create a quote, email it to your client and then ask them to either sign it using a 3rd party tool (like DocuSign), or worse, print it out and sign it and then take a photo of it using their phone.

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - Your client wants to share with you their new billion dollar idea, but wants some assurity their hot idea is safe with you. NDA’s are commonplace for ensuring both parties are in agreement on the confidential nature of what is being disclosed.

3. Customer Engagement Letter - Want to get started with that new client, but want to set the ground rules for engagement? Ask them to sign your terms of service so you can both get started successfully on the right path.

4. Freelance Contract - Want to ensure you’re protected when freelancing for a client? A contract is a sure fire way to cover yourself and to ensure your client understands your expectations about the engagement.

Enjoy hassle-free online signatures for your business. 

Download The Papermind App Today.


Oh boy, we have other templates too!

Examples include;

  • New Product Launch Plan (for launching that new product you’ve been investing all your time and effort on)
  • Letter of Offer (secure that great new candidate to make your team even more awesome)
  • Software as a Service Subscription Agreement (if you’re providing a SaaS product, ensure your customers understand what you’re providing) 
  • Purchase Order (write up the requirements for that new product or service)
  • Meeting Minutes (keep track of the minutes, comments, action items and next steps) 
  • Creative Brief (for anyone working in the creative services space, this is a must for ensuring your client has outlined their expectations for you)
  • Contractor Agreement (if you’re hiring folks to do this and that for you, ensure they agree to your terms of engagement so everyone is successful in the process)

Download Papermind and get started on that work requirement using one of our helpful templates.

Papermind is very easy to install and get going.

Locating that document isn’t easy. We all have folders tucked away using a naming convention that only we know, or understand. Not to mention those folders in Dropbox, Google, OneDrive and who knows (or remembers where). 

Keep all of your documents in Papermind and simply search and navigate collections using intuitive tags.

Get documents signed. Search for them and manage them using tags.

Locating that document isn’t easy. We all have folders tucked away using a naming convention that only we know, or understand. Not to mention those folders in Dropbox, Google, OneDrive and who knows (or remembers where). 

Keep all of your documents in Papermind and simply search and navigate collections using intuitive tags.

Papermind makes this process incredibly simple. Everything you create is stored within a single location and you can share these Papermind documents with your team via Slack, but also external users via email. Papermind will also inform you via email when external users have signed documents you’ve sent to them for review and acceptance. No matter how many users you’re working with you’ll always know what’s going on by using Papermind.

So the question remains, should you switch from DocuSign to Papermind?

The answer should be to at least try Papermind and compare for yourself, because Papermind is a decent alternative to DocuSign for the reasons we’ve outlined. 

If you want a one-stop-shop and cost-effective solution for document creation, sharing and collaboration with team members, and a tool for sending to external parties for e-signing, then Paperminds handles all of this in one neat desktop app. 

While it’s not a comprehensive side-by-side comparison, Papermind provides the following

  • You can send documents created in Papermind for signing by multiple parties (either via email or through Slack) 
  • Papermind documents are native to Papermind. There’s no need to use a 3rd party document. 
  • Documents are stored securely within Papermind. You cannot access and view them outside of the Papermind app, except when you send to an external party for signing in their browser 
  • Papermind provides a library of easy-to-use templates that cover a range of requirements 

Papermind is a good looking and highly intuitive document signing app that takes the effort out of document creation and signing.

Papermind is designed for the small business owner, upstart creative, buddying entrepreneur and for all the hardworking freelancers who are looking at ways to reduce their software costs.

We keep it simple for you. Document creation, e-signatures, document management, sharing and collaboration. Papermind can do it all for you, and can do it well.

Get Started with Papermind

DocuSign just sends documents for signing. But Papermind enables you to create documents from scratch and track who and when other users sign your documents. Papermind is definitely worth your time to trial it for your business needs, and it will also help you to save your time and money. Papermind is perfect for small businesses looking for a solution to get work done, and signed, without breaking the budget!