How to add eSignatures to a Google document?

How do you add esignatures in your Google document? That's a good question. As you may have found out, there is no "Sign" button in your Google Docs – so what's the solution?

Google Docs provides everything you need to create modern documents, but it doesn’t support esignatures. Essentially, this means that you’re going to need to look somewhere else if you need to get a Google document signed.

If you’re using Google Docs then you might be frustrated by the lack of support for eSign. But, first and foremost, what is an esignature or esign?

What is an esignature?

An electronic signature, also referred to as esignatures or esign, is a way of signing documents electronically from your mobile, desktop, or tablet. The goal of an electronic signature is to create a digital record of both the signer and the signed document.

In most cases, an electronic signature is just a digital version of your normal handwritten signature. It might look slightly different from your usual penmanship, but it serves the same purpose: letting people know you've agreed to something or made some sort of commitment with your name on it.

How to sign a Google Doc with this hack.

Have you heard of this hack to sign your Google Docs? You may already be familiar with the 7-step hack of inserting a drawing of your signature into a Google Docs. It goes a little something like this:

  • You select the drawing tool and select the scribble tool
  • You then draw your signature
  • Save it
  • Resize and place it where you want in your google doc
  • Done

It seems perfectly fine, but you should think twice before you use this technique.

Why should you avoid this Google Docs signature hack?

  1.  Individuals signing your Google Doc can change it. If you're striving to finish and agree on anything, this might lead to issues down the line. You don't want your clients to change the terms when signing your contract.
  1. The document is not locked. So, if someone unintentionally makes changes after it's been legally agreed to and signed, that’s a problem! If there is a disagreement about what was originally agreed upon, a mistake like this could cost you everything.
  1. What if one or more of the parties was against the changes or amendments to the document? Once a contract is signed, it's usually impossible to change it unless all parties agree on the changes and how they will be made.

Using this hack can be error-prone and complicated. It can lead to contractual disagreements which may arise from a lack of clarity around what exactly was agreed upon by both parties and when they signed – obviously, legality varies from country to country. But this hack puts you at risk of contractual disputes—and those aren't fun!

If you are worried about these issues, try Papermind.

Papermind saves your documents in the cloud and allows you to control who can edit what. In addition, Papermind’s eSignature solution will enable you to create locked documents so signees can’t alter them while they sign, and it securely automates the signature process for you.

How do you sign your Google Doc with Papermind?

We know how much of a pain it is to get a Google Doc signed by multiple parties. You have so many things on your plate, and you just want something that works! 

We created Papermind as a quick workaround solution for this problem. 

We'll help you get all of those signatures without the fuss or price tag of other esignature solutions. You'll still have your Google Doc but with this workaround, you'll have a new Papermind document with legally binding signatures. Sweet!

Here's how it works:

1. Download the Papermind app.

2. Sign up with your email address as a single user, or
   Connect your Slack workspace to start a 7-day Free Trial.  

Create a document

1. In the menu, choose ‘Write document.’

2. Click Start your Free Trial.

3. Click ‘Write document’. Start typing or pasting in text from your Google Docs. Use Papermind editing tools to format your agreement or contract.

4. Next, choose an existing category to associate your new document with. Alternatively, you can enter your own category and click on the plus icon.

5. Click the ‘Publish’ button to save your document.

Send your document for signing

It’s simple to get your Papermind document accepted and signed. Papermind will collect all of the signatures from all of the parties involved—and then will automate the process for you. And even better you can store all of your documents in Papermind for future reference!

1. Click the Sign icon.

2. Add the emails of people that need to sign your document. Hit return after you add each signee’s email address. Add your message and your request for signatures is     all done. It's that easy!

3. If you’re using your Slack Workspace you can @mention a team member or #channel to request an electronic signature from.

Let Papermind take care of the rest 

Papermind will automatically send an email to each person on your list and they will be able to sign with a click of a button. All parties involved receive an email with a PDF copy of their signed document. You can also view the signed document in the Papermind app.

Papermind will automatically send an email to each person on your list and they will be able to sign with a click of a button. All parties involved receive an email with a PDF copy of their signed document. You can also view the signed document in the Papermind app.

Google Docs provides everything you need to create modern documents, but it doesn’t support esignatures. Essentially, this means that you’re going to need to look somewhere else if you need to get a Google document signed.

Do you have a contract or agreement that needs to be signed by your clients?

We've got you covered.

Just create it in Papermind and send it for signing!

With a Free e-sign trial

Get Started

Got questions about Papermind signatures?

We have answers! 

We've compiled a list of the most common questions we get from our customers. So if you're wondering if Papermind is right for you, check out these answers or shoot us a question.

How do I access my signed PaperMind document?

You’ll receive an email with the attached PDF of your document signed once your signees have signed it.

You can also access your documents anytime within Papermind. Your document is available in your Papermind workspace.

Can I see who has signed and who is yet to sign?

You will get an email notification when people sign or decline your document.

You can also see who has signed and who hasn't by viewing your document. The document will display a list of all signatories at the bottom of the document, including their Name, Date, and the Image of their signature.

How easy is it to sign a Papermind document?

It’s effortless. You can send the document to people using their email address.

Alternatively, if you connect Papermind with your Slack Workspace, you can request signatures by typing in the first letters of their Slack display name. 

Email recipients can review the document using the link.

Alternatively, if they use Slack, they will receive a notification request asking them to review and sign the document from within Slack.

It’s so easy to review and sign a document. 

Your signees click the link to open the document in their browser, review the document, and they can choose to approve or reject it. 

If they accept it, they simply click approve, add their name, sign in the signature field and done!

All their information is automatically inserted into the end of the document, including the date stamp.

Do signees receive a copy of the signed document? 

Yes. Once signing is completed successfully, all parties will immediately receive a copy of the signed document as a PDF.

Does the signee need to download the Papermind app? 

No. Signees can simply sign the document in their browser. There is no need to download the Papermind App to view and sign the document. 

Does Papermind work on both Mac and PC?

Papermind is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

You can download Papermind for any of these platforms.

Can people add a signature using a mobile device?

Yes, you can sign Papermind documents on your mobile device. Open the email and click on the link and your phone will launch your default mobile browser to sign.

Can I create a contract as a reusable template?

Yes, you can. Click add a new template in the top menu and choose on of the templates.
In the Templates panel, add the name of your new template and click the + sign to add it. 

Click edit template. Now create your content.

Can I send an electronic signature request to team members in Slack?

Yes, of course! If you’re using Slack you can add Papermind to your Slack Workspace and request signatures from your Slack team members.

To send a document for signing to a teammate in Slack simply @message them and they’ll receive a notification and simply click the link to review the document and sign.

Can I edit the document after it’s been signed?

After signing, you will always be able to access the signed version of your document. If you try to edit the signed document, Papermind will create a new version of the document which you can then save or send again for signing.

Can I add additional signatories after the initial signing process?

No. Once you send your document for signing and someone else signs it, you won’t be able to add additional people to sign. However, you can edit the document, which automatically creates a new version, and send that for esigning.

What happens if a person declines to sign the document?

If a person declines to sign your document, Papermind will notify you by email which signee declined to sign your document. You can view their comments in your Papermind document and reply to them.

Are my documents legally binding if I sign them with Papermind?

Yes! Documents signed with Papermind are legally binding. Several countries including the U.S, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, and the European Union accept esignatures. We comply with laws and regulations that govern electronic signatures. 

Our electronic signature software satisfies legal requirements for electronic signatures, and each document is backed by transaction logs. You can be assured that your signatures are legally binding and time-stamped. 

Where are my documents stored?

All of your documents and files are stored securely with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As you would expect, we use SSL to encrypt all communication between Papermind running on your Mac, PC or Linux environment and where your content is stored within AWS.

Can I add new fields for signees to fill out?

At this stage, all signees are required to fill out their name but expanding on this functionality is something we're looking into. We're always interested in hearing your feedback on how to make our products more useful.

Can I access my documents after the 7-day trial?

Yes if you sign up for a Papermind account.

Can I make a Papermind document private?

You sure can! If you've signed up to Papermind using your Slack Workspace account, you may want to keep a document private and not share it with other people in your Papermind workspace.

When creating a new document, save it to the Private (Only Me) folder? That way, only you can see and edit it.

What else can I use Papermind for?

Papermind is one of the best signature apps available. It's the easiest way to sign documents and get them back to your customers, partners, coworkers, or anyone.

But what else can Papermind do for you?
There are numerous ways to use Papermind some of our favorites include:

- Keep files and media in one place.

- Distribute team knowledge

- Take notes

- Create guides, FAQs, onboarding steps, and sales scripts to document your processes.

- Using templates, standardize document processes

- Centralize and collaborate on all of your documents

- Keep all legally binding signed contracts together in one location.

How can I get a free e-signature trial?

Papermind's free esignature trial allows you to test Papermind out and evaluate whether or not Papermind can help you. We know that it can be difficult to truly evaluate a product without giving it a test run, and that's why we offer the free signature trial - to give you the opportunity to decide if Papermind is right for you or not. Start with downloading the app.

In short, Papermind is a simple and effective app that you can use to take your draft Google Docs and turn them into legally binding contracts with signatures. Moreover, Papermind removes the hassle and risk of the 7-step hack. 

So, the next time you need your Google Doc draft signed, try the little green app called Papermind :)