How teams use Papermind

No matter what team you work in, Papermind puts everyone on the same page to share and learn.

Sales Team

Your sales team is your engine. Make sure they're running on all cylinders when it comes to product and pricing information, contracts and playbooks.

Sell like a champion

Allow your hunters to share prospect call notes, customer profiles and arm your account executives with tailored proposals.

Standardize your operating process

Collaborate on customer information, publish Office & G Suite content, and tag everything for unified discovery.

Share with your team on Slack

Locate that product overview, presentation or call notes and share directly via Slack.

Sale Team
Sale Team

Marketing Team

Content, copy and campaign strategies. Buried in email, lost in Slack conversations and misplaced in Google Drive.

Organize your assets

Ensure all of your marketing content is tagged and managed appropriately for outbound teams to access without effort.

Build a Marketing Playbook

Forget the random collection of Google Docs. Create beautiful articles that are easily shared via Slack. Ensure your marketing team are on the same page.

Collaborate on content strategy

Create beautiful articles and share them with your colleagues via Slack so they can contribute.

Operations Team

Your team needs to bring its A game. Give them a simple and intuitive environment to manage everything.

Sing from the same sheet

Ensure everyone is aligned on product or project strategy and expected outcomes. All team members can view and comment on articles.

Consolidate your content

Your content is likely spread across email, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive and many other external repositories. Bring everything together in one place.

Employee Onboarding

Ensure your new starters are on the same page from day one. Once they’re in Slack, send them the Welcome article to guide them through their first day.

Operations Team
Project Team

Project Team

Your team is probably made up of Project Managers, Designers, Producers, Developers and Testers. Running projects can be tricky stuff.

Manage projects successfully

Using Papermind, each team member can quickly access project briefs, technical specifications and share the right external docs.

Declutter your tools

We all use multiple apps to plan and run projects. Wiki's, Docs, Email, Chat and more. Papermind helps to reduce app fatigue.

Simple, beautiful content

Wiki's can be clunky and feel like unfinished work. Papermind creates clear and elegant content presentation for the whole team.

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