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It’s the best kind of feeling when you’re working with your team and everything just comes together.
But Really! 


Cue the #zoomhappyhour at work.
‘Let’s collaborate and build morale,’ they say.
You want to react with an eye roll and mouth “what?”.
But like a real team player, you accept the invitation and just deal with bad lighting, video lags, and lame pub trivia as you sip your cheap wine. I mean, “Who really cares how many pedals a piano has?”.

PaperMind another #zoomhappyhour

With all this lockdown and WFH, we’re all pushing a heavy wheelbarrow load of work and life up a very steep hill right now. We work alongside our kids with sticky little hands, grumpy housemates. And even our passive-aggressive partners. All-day, we duck and weave underhanded remarks or evil eyes. Then there’s the dog or cat. And they won’t stop staring at you from every angle of every room. REALLY! QUIT STARING.

Work From Home dog or cat staring

And the next thing you know you find yourself hiding in the toilet, hyperventilating to escape for just 3 minutes. But, calm as a cucumber, you walk out. 
But you have to get work done somehow!

But you have to get work done somehow!

WFH: PaperMind - helps you focus

Yep, you still have to be that responsible COLLABORATIVE grown up that get’s the work done. But here’s the thing. Do you know what’s worse than yet another zoom meeting?
It’s when you work but you end up doing things in the least efficient way possible. 
Making work harder than it has to be. Why does this happen?

Team work is a bit messy

It usually happens because you and your team’s work or knowledge isn’t organized. And that makes it impossible to collaborate. Which makes you feel unproductive. And you’ll just want to go and hide in the toilet again. 

And that’s why we created the Papermind Slack App. 

It’s a single workspace to give people just like you,
and your team, collaboration superpowers.


Ppermind let's collaborate people

So you can do great things, no matter where or how you work.

Get Super Organized

Imagine one place on your desktop for all your files, documents, and links and with direct Slack integration. You can organize and tag, just like a declutter goddess or prince. It requires zero concentration. Now, that’s perfect for those of us working from home. :>) :>) And since those files are so organized you and your team will be sharing and giving feedback faster than a viral video. Now that’s a happy little ending.

Papermind organize files share to slack

Be a Super Cool Communicator

Hands up who doesn’t look forward to the email company newsletter? What? No? Not gonna lie. Internal email newsletters are like a button-up shirt, necktie, and a cropped vest. We get it. You just want to create hassle-free news, articles, or announcements. And ditch email too. Papermind is designed for that. Share long-form articles in Slack channels or directly with team members, with minimal effort. And it’s gonna look perfect. Papermind creates clean, deliciously good looking articles. Just drag and drop images and you’ll look like a design pro.

Papaermind share written articles in Slack

Be a Problem Solver

In the middle of work we often need to find things out. We need answers. Or even try to understand the best way of doing something. It’s called the moment of need. We need quick answers to the questions we face, right now. Without the right information it can hold us back from getting work done. WORSE - WE END UP RECREATING WHAT SOMEONE ELSE HAS ALREADY CREATED. So we start from scratch. Creating documentation or guides over and over again. It’s just bananas. Papermind is more than a home for all your files and documents. It’s where you and your team go to find, use, and share knowledge. Write and document how-to guides, FAQ’s, policies, playbooks and alot more. Create, use, read, and share all the knowledge your team needs.Be Perfectly Productive

PapaerMind create FAQ's guides, checklists for your team

Be Perfectly Productive

Use templates to save your team time. If you’re looking for fast and easy, Papermind is all that. You can discover and customize meeting notes, onboarding plans, product plans, design briefs, and more. Or create templates like sales scripts, customer service guides and product management checklists for your teams. You get the idea. It’s like your whole team’s memory in one place and seamlessly integrated with Slack.

PaperMind create templates be more productive

Be a Connecter

Do you ever miss that office banter? Now that we’re working from home, there’s almost zero social interaction except with the people in your house. For most of us, we do miss those random chats with our teammates. Catching up on general gossip - Daisy likes the guy on level 4. COME ON! He’s a blowhard. Or sharing our passion for politics, pop culture, or pizza. The social cohesion we once had in the office has gone, just like a nasty rash I had earlier. But seriously, with some of us working at home and others on site, we can feel disconnected and begin to wonder if we have any friends at work. But you can build that feeling of community at work using Papermind. You can write and share articles and ideas on shared interests like food, music, movies, or WFH memes. You can create a community on anything you think others will be interested in. Or you can create awareness about ‘cause for good’ campaigns that your company is taking part in. It all might seem frivolous, but all these small things positively impact camaraderie and engagement. And you might just make a new best friend along the way.

Papaermind build community and culture

So, how do you get started in becoming a collaborative adult? And be able to wear your big girl or big boy pants proudly?
Glad you asked.
You don’t have to jump through hoops or join us for a #zoomhappyhour

Answer to the pub trivia question: 3 pedals.

Papermind can’t wait to meet you

Just download and install Papermind and get going and start unleashing your collaborative superpowers for good. Battle supervillans like disorganization, chaos, poor team work, undocumented knowledge, bad communication and missed goals.

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