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Papermind is more than just a Slack wiki. It’s the natural long-form content, document and knowledge management tool that sits natively on your Mac or Windows desktop right alongside your Slack window

Papermind a slack wiki but more

Papermind compliments all of your teams activities in Slack. Our native desktop app is the natural extension to your Slack collaboration. When you’re content management requirements go beyond chat, Papermind is a collaborative environment for designing and publishing long-form articles that natively connect to your Slack discussions.

Does your work pipeline feel fragmented? Do you have channels that link to content in G Suite, Dropbox and other destinations? Does your operational content feel like carefully arranged spaghetti? We know because it use to be the way we managed things. It’s the reason we created Papermind, so we could store custom long-form content and tag files directly related to our conversations in Slack.

Share articles directly with team members and within channels

Once you’ve published your long-form article, files or links to third party services (Papermind can store anything with a URL), you can then share directly with your team in Slack. Alternatively, you can drop your working files into Papermind and then tag them to create collections. Share files with team members and channels using the share function.

Papermind share articles with your team

Define who you want to share your Papermind article or file with directly in Slack.

You can @ mention users, define channels, and then enter a message. The result will be displayed directly in Slack notifying your respective team members, whether it’s a one on one share or with a whole channel.

Search Papermind right from within Slack

While you’re in Slack, access Papermind by using the slash commands from any Slack channel or one on one chat.

Search PaperMind from within Slack

Locate content stored in Papermind by searching from within Slack.

/papermind search [keyword]

This will return in Slack a search result from Papermind. You’ll be able to click on a result which will launch Papermind and take you right to the item.

PaperMind search results in Slack

View all of your starred items in Papermind by entering the starred command in Slack.

/papermind favs [article or file or user]

Papermind enables you to star articles, files and team members. These selections are added to your Starred items. Entering this command in Slack will return in Slack everything you’ve starred in Papermind.

Authenticate with your Slack workspace

Papermind integrates with Slack security. Managing your team’s access to Papermind is a simple process of installing the Papermind app for Slack when you first click on Teams after installing Papermind.

At any time during the 7 day trial, install the Papermind Slack app to connect Papermind with your Slack workspace.

As you manage your teams access to Slack, this will automatically manage their access to Papermind. We have plans for up to 100 Slack users, and then enterprise plans for more than 100 users. View our pricing plans for more information.

Papermind enables you to untangle the content spaghetti and provide a native desktop experience for managing your content, files and links with your team directly in Slack.

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Get Started by downloading Papermind for Mac or Windows and start your 7-day free trial. No credit card required and you can choose from a range of pricing plans when you’re ready to start a subscription.

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