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Articles in Papermind are designed to manage anything that is long-form content. An operational method, a campaign launch strategy, an outline of a new product, a contract. We refer to these as articles because they are pieces of writing that capture a process or an idea that you want to share with other team members in Slack.

Slack is great for short-form communication, and any chance to reduce the use of email gets the thumbs up from us! But you wouldn’t use Slack to create an article. Most of us still turn to something like Google Docs, where we create and manage these long-form content pieces. After a while, our experience becomes a listing of these Google Drive links displayed within dedicated Slack channels. Sort of like a Yellow Pages directory from the last century.

In addition to Google Docs, we also have Wikis. These lightweight content management tools are another piece of the long-form content collaboration puzzle. Many of us use them to create and store our operational knowledge in place of things like Google Docs. But these too become a myriad of links that join our operational knowledge with our conversations in Slack.

Papermind was designed to complement your short-form desktop communication with a long-form content management experience.

Articles and files in Papermind help you create and manage content beyond the message box of Slack. Better yet, Papermind is a native desktop app for Mac and Windows and is designed to sit comfortably alongside Slack on your desktop. Allowing you to share articles and files directly with your team in Slack.

Papermind perfect for busy teams using slack
Papermind is the perfect companion for busy teams using Slack for their daily work tasks

No need to have a web browser open in the background to support your Wiki experience. Launch Papermind on your desktop and enjoy native notifications from your team members in Slack when articles and files are shared from Papermind.

Connect your Slack workspace with Papermind and enable any team member to create and collaborate on articles and publish files. Drag and drop media into your articles located on your desktop. Categories enable your team to organize your content. You can also group your articles and files through the use of tags. Once you’ve published files, you can preview them (images and video) directly inside Papermind.

Add tags to articles or files in Papermind
You can add tags to any article or file that you create and manage in Papermind.

Long-form content takes time to plan and develop, especially when working with a team greater than one. Team members can collaborate on article drafts, and you can identify who is currently working on a draft. Articles support versioning, so if you ever need to revert to a previous version of your articles, you can browse the different versions available. Preview them and choose to revert to that version of the article.

Articles in Papermind support versioning
Articles in Papermind support versioning, allowing you to revert to a previous version

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